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Slutwalk – Sluts, Freaks and Eccentrics.

“If you want to write they said, just do it.”

“They” seem to know everything so that advice must be correct.

Yoda has the right idea – “There is no try, only do.” So I am doing.

I am intrigued by the idea of Slutwalk. I don’t think I’m a feminist – I am a humanist. As Ben Pobjie said today, “It’s not a battle between men and women here, it’s a battle between decent people and indecent people, between arseholes and non-arseholes, between people who would say that even if a woman walks down the street stark naked, even if a woman is a prostitute, a stripper, or, yes, a SLUT, there is no excuse for assaulting her, abusing her or treating her as less than human.” ( )

The idea that we can all be ourselves without fear or favour is much bigger that just “slut or not slut”. When it is all boiled down, it doesn’t matter what you are or how you dress, it’s about what you do. And what you do is only wrong if it harms someone else.

Those who yell out “Slut!” to demean someone, don’t appreciate that their’s is a pointless exercise. They are only harming themselves and demeaning themselves. It’s easy to call names and do it anonomously as most slut-haters do. It’s easy, sheep-like thing to do because it doesn’t require any thinking. Just yell slut and duck.

So sluts of the world unite. Anyone who has been called a gratuitous name get behind them, stand up for the sluts and freaks and eccentrics of the world, because it’s us that makes it interesting.